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How long and how much is your class?
The class consists of two 4-hour classes, with a few all-important days in between for homework. After April 1, 2015, total cost for both classes will be $300.00 and includes a 140-page manual.
Where are you located?
Moritz Legal Proofing is conveniently located at 20 West 20th Street, 2nd Floor, between 5th and 6th Avenues. Please call us at 212/369-8945 for an appointment. Click here for location.
How do I know you are reputable? Who can I contact for an objective opinion about your class?
Our best references are the agencies who - since the mid-1980s - have hired many of our students as legal proofreaders. We give you a list of about 16, and some can be found online: Metropolitan Proofreaders, Forrest Edwards, Custom Staffing, Bond Staffing, New York Legal Temps, Wall Street Services, Forum Personnel, The Tuttle Agency, The Library Co-Op Inc., DeltaGroup, Peak Legal, Segue Staffing, Staff One , Metropolitan Staffing, Continental Personnel, Asset Staffing, Inc.,
Staff LLP, and Diamond Personnel Give them a call!
Why do I need a two-day class? Why don’t you teach this in one day?
We are teaching you something we’d like you to do well and make a nice living at. And our reputation depends on you doing well on the proofreading tests. Cramming the information and taking shortcuts like some of our “competition” is not an option with us. This is the reason our students score so well on the exams!
What if I miss the second class?
All students must attend the second class as scheduled by their group. WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO ACCOMMODATE YOU with twenty-four hour notice, BUT DUE TO LIMITED CLASS SIZE CANNOT GUARANTEE A SECOND SESSION WITH ANOTHER GROUP. Either way, and to make sure you retain the material, you must finish up within three weeks of starting the class.
Are there any books you recommend to prepare me for this field?
For many years we've been recommending The Goof-Proofer, a wonderful little book by Stephen Manhard, the founder of SPELL - The Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature. There are no books on legal proofreading, but this is a good, affordable, easy-to-follow book if you need to brush up on your basic grammar and spelling skills.
What does a proofreader do?
Legal and financial proofreaders work on site at law firms proofreading documents a lawyer or analyst submitted, and comparing them against the document the word processor created. A legal proofreader looks for errors in grammar, spelling, consistency, and must also know specifics about legal and financial writing. No computer skills are required for this type of work - it is all done on paper.
Moritz Legal Proofing trains you primarily in legal and financial proofreading because these are the hardest, highest paying and most in-demand fields of proofreading. You will certainly also be able to do Publishing, Financial, Advertising and most other editorial work with our proofreading training.
What kind of a salary can I expect as a proofreader?
Legal and financial proofreaders make anywhere from $15-25 per hour, depending on the shift. Entry-level rates for day shift are $15/hr., evening shift $17/hr., midnight shift $19/hr., and weekends $20/hr. around the clock. These are typical and realistic starting rates for novices - there is the potential to make more money once you have more experience.
What shifts are available?
Since most large corporate law firms and investment banks do business 24/7, proofreading - especially legal and financial proofreading - is done around the clock. You have your choice of day, evening, night and weekend shifts.
How does the class prepare me for work as a legal proofreader?
Moritz Legal Proofing provides you with about 140 pages of material. This material consists of numerous practice tests done in class, and about 30 pages you will work on for homework. You will also be learning blacklining, EDGAR, teamreading, slugging, proofreading symbols and terminology, and citations.
The more you practice legal proofreading, the better you will become. Our students have gotten high marks on proofreading tests over the years due to the all-important practice time between both classes. Again, if you want your money's worth, doing the homework is crucial. If you are unable or unwilling to spend a few hours of your own time learning this skill, then this is not the class for you.
Are there any additional charges?
Is there material I can study in preparation for the class?
Reviewing your grammar is helpful. Try a challenging Spelling Test, Legal Spelling Test, and Grammar Test; also, here is a book we recommend if you need help brushing up on your grammar.
Will you give us advice on our resume?
Yes, we now offer a free resume evaluation for all students. If you intend on entering this language-oriented profession, it is crucial your resume is well-written, concise, and above all error-free. Bring a copy to class and the instructor will proof it and offer you pointers.
What is your success rate?
We estimate upwards of 90% of our students go on to pass the legal and financial proofreading tests at agencies. We know our success rate has been excellent because word of mouth - by former students and 18 of New York's top personnel agencies - has kept Moritz Legal Proofing in business since 1986.
Can you guarantee me a job?
Every agency requires you pass an intensive legal proofreading test in order to qualify for a job. We cannot take those tests for you - so no, getting a job is up to you. We will, however, send you to upwards of 18 agencies who know Moritz Legal Proofing well, and have hired thousands of our students since 1986. And we do guarantee you thorough, patient training, in a two-day format that has enabled most of our students to pass those tests and earned us a top reputation in the field.
How do I know I can proofread?
People from all walks of life - from actors, musicians, students, retirees - work as legal and financial proofreaders. If you love to read, are good with details, have a decent grasp of spelling and grammar, then you probably have an aptitude for this field. Spotting typos while reading the New York Times is always a good sign!
Test yourself by going to our Apostrophe and Errors in English links; if you are already familiar with most of the information, you are a good candidate for proofreading. Or better yet, try this challenging Spelling Test (you always have access to a dictionary on the job, but will be given a spelling test by most agencies).
Will you advise us on how to get work?
Absolutely. Quite a bit of the course deals with these all-important practical issues: test-taking strategies, which agencies and how many to go to, what it is actually like at the law firms, the importance of professionalism and availability.
Can I visit some of these agencies online?
Not all of the 18 agencies we work with have websites, but you can access some of them by clicking on the following links: Metropolitan Proofreaders, Wall Street Services, Forum Personnel, The Tuttle Agency, The Library Co-Op Inc., DeltaGroup, Peak Legal, Segue Staffing, Staff One , Metropolitan Staffing, Continental Personnel, Asset Staffing, Inc., Staff LLP,  and
Diamond Personnel. Please check this page in the future for more links.
Who teaches your class?
In addition to founding Moritz Legal Proofing in 1986, Beatrice Moritz worked for nearly a decade as a top freelance legal proofreader and weekend proofreading supervisor at the law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges. After a stint as editorial coordinator at the Practising Law Institute, Beatrice worked as the sole in-house copyeditor at Sotheby's NY. Beatrice designed many of the legal proofreading tests used by Manhattan employment agencies, and is currently adjunct professor at New York University, where her legal proofreading class is part of the Publishing Program.
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