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Our Students Are Working!

Unlike students of other so-called "classes", graduates of our legal proofreading training program are actually being hired. Three students have just started temp-to-perm positions at a large financial firm in New York City, and a number of others were hired last week directly as freelancers - with starting salaries of $28/hr - for a financial printing firm. These were all recent graduates of Moritz Legal Proofing, with no prior legal proofreading experience. And many others are passing legal proofreading tests at agencies every week and successfully pursuing work as legal proofreaders.

While we are not an employment agency and cannot guarantee you a job - don't believe anyone if they tell you they can - the reputation of our thorough, two-day training program will open many, many doors for you. Our instructor's twenty years of legal proofreading and teaching experience, combined with our contacts throughout the proofreading and editing community, has enabled us to get our students a foot in the door with 18 of the top proofreading agencies in the city.

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